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MessageLabs email scanning Solution

With viruses becoming evermore intricate and network threatening the need for up to date anti-virus systems, and services is now paramount within businesses. With the increased use of email communication, viruses have become a daily problem for businesses.

MessageLabs is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) specialising in email security. The revolutionary SkyScan portfolio of services enable customers to be protected from threats such as viruses, pornographic material and unsolicited mail, long before they reach their network boundaries.

Using four anti-virus systems, plus virus definition updates every 10 minutes have restricted viruses such as Love Bug from causing the type of global damage that virus developers crave. The messageLabs SkyScan Service also checks emails for pornographic material as well, which means that employees are protected from employer disaplinary procedures, by accidentally opening defamatory material. The system can also be used to remove Unsolicited Email (Spam) destined for your users.

MessageLabs' flagship service is SkyScan AV, a managed and multi-layered anti-virus service, which comes with an unprecedented 100% protection guarantee against past, present and future viruses. The SkyScan AV service has never let a virus infect a single customer and received worldwide recognition for stopping and naming the Love Bug virus, and protecting all of its customers, 10 hours before an official fix was publicly available. The Love Bug virus was detected by Skeptic, MessageLabs' patented and revolutionary technology that uses groundbreaking artificial intelligence to detect new viruses pro-actively, without the need for signatures.

Two new services, SkyScan AP (anti-porn) and SkyScan AS (anti-spam), have recently been launched as MessageLabs continue to develop a complete range of managed email secuirity services protecting customers from all damaging, unsolicited or illegal content.

All MessageLabs' services are fully managed and delivered at the internet level which means they require no additional hardware, software or management time from the customer's internal IT personnel or resources, and are also supported 24x7.

To learn more about the MessageLabs service, and how it could be used to protect your systems, users and clients send an email to   and one of our consultants will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. 

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